A Downtown Birmingham Alabama Engagement Session

We love to do engagement sessions in locations that have special meaning to our couples!  We found out, as we were strolling and chatting, that Railroad Park was one of the places that Chris & Sami spent together on their first date!  How perfect is that?!?!?! From Chris looking perfectly casual in his hightop boots and tee and so sharp in his navy blue suit, to Sami looking adorable in her floral top and jeans (the top that she wore on their first date, awwwww!) and her looking so dreamy in her lacy pink dress, everything about this session was, just like the couple themselves, PERFECT!

The temperature on this particular evening in Downtown Birmingham was approximately 100 degrees (true story)!  Part of the problem could have been that this couple WAS ON FIRE!  That and the fact that Sami’s giggle and smile lit up Railroad Park!!  All Chris had to do was to look at her and magic happened!  It may have been very warm (HOT) outside on this day, but Chris & Sami were so comfortable with each other and so sincerely happy that the temperature didn’t affect any of us!  They sailed through their engagement session like a couple of pros!  It was another one of our sessions that was going so well, the sun getting low was just perfect and we were having so much fun, that we kept them a little later than anticipated because we just wanted to keep clicking away!  They were such good sports and went along with everything we threw at them and everywhere we took them (even in the middle of the street…car….clear….car....clear…..GOT IT)!  As you can see below, they rocked this session!!!

We are so excited and happy to be a part of Chris & Sami’s wedding journey!  Thank you guys for inviting us to join the party!  We can’t wait to see you guys in just a few weeks, eeeekkk!!!  We’ll see you @Flagstone Farms in September!!!!

~ Katie & Cindy