A Huntsville Botanical Gardens Bridal Dream

“She’s a badass with a good heart, soft but strong.  Unapologetic and honest.  She’s the type of woman you go to war beside, the type of woman you marry”.  @r.h.sin (if you don’t know him/his work, you must look him up!)

Taylor is quiet…on the outside.  At first we thought it was because she was shy.  But then we spent time with her.  Our first meeting was at a bridal show in Gadsden, Alabama.  She came by our booth, spent some time, looked at our work, asked a few questions and moved on.  A while later she came back and booked us on the spot.  Our next meeting was hers & Noah’s engagement session at Railroad Park in Birmingham, Alabama.  She was quiet, but had no problem in front of the camera.  She had absolutely no problem with every pose we suggested.  We were learning that maybe she wasn’t shy, but that she was quiet.  There is a difference.  Our next meeting with Taylor was her bridal session at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.  Taylor and her mom, Regina, met us in the lobby to let us know that they were there and then went to change into her wedding gown.  When she came out, she was glowing!  Our jaws dropped as she glided across the floor in her awe-inspiring gown!  Taylor looked absolutely gorgeous!  She made our work effortless!  The day was perfect!  The sun was shining and the gardens had everything from a classic southern estate setting to elegant columned architecture and then there was the fairy tale forest.  Again, she nailed the posing, whether it was a still portrait or an action shot.  She knew what to do, how to do it and it was that confidence that made these images what they are….STUNNING.

We started to learn even more about the woman that Noah Turner fell in love with and maybe even why.  As @r.h.sin so eloquently wrote, she is a warrior, his warrior.  She knows what she wants and doesn’t need to talk much to make that happen.  She talks when she needs to.  She is sweet, kind, considerate and a badass.  She is the complete package.

To be continued………………

Katie & Cindy