A Late Afternoon Engagement Session in Beautiful Birmingham Alabama

Kara & Casey

Kara & Casey have to be the most relaxed and easy going couple ever!  When we set up their session, they pretty much told us to tell them what to do, where to be and how to do it!!  They were putty in our hands!  In other words, they were a dream to shoot.  They were absolute naturals that didn’t need “posing”.  We placed hands and feet and such, but the rest is ALL THEM!  They are just the sweetest!

We always tell our couples that engagement sessions are so very important so that we can get to know each other and learn each others personalities so that when their big day comes around we are used to each other and comfortable and we do away with any awkwardness we might have around each other.  While this is all so very true, we felt like friends and so comfortable around each other from minute one!  Mind you, this is the couple that “proposed” to us at our first initial meeting.  It was immediate chemistry.

We’re pretty sure that it happened pretty much the same the first time that Kara & Casey met!  It was that situation where they pretty much knew they were made for each other.  Although their heart was telling them this, their mind was being a little slower to accept because you know the saying “if it’s too good to be true….”.  Well, it didn’t take long (AT ALL)  for the heart to take control and the rest they say is history!  And we sure are glad they did meet because they are PERFECT for each other!!  After spending just a few minutes with them, it is SO obvious that they are each others happily every after!

Thank you so much Kara & Casey for meeting with us and choosing us!  We are genuinely happy for you both and are truly excited to document this chapter in your lives!  We hope that you love these images as much as we do and that every time you look at them you remember the fun time that we had on this day….Casey, Kara, Kelsey, mom, dad AND OF COURSE, Max the kitty that joined the family on this day!


Katie & Cindy