Ali & Kevin: A ‘See Ya Later’ Downtown Birmingham Session

Hi Friends!  Katie here.

I’ve known Ali for a few years since we’ve been able to work at Children’s of Alabama together.  Cindy and I approached her way back in April.  We don’t normally ask people if they would allow us to take their pictures (unless they’re family, in which we do quite often), but Ali was different.  She’s one of those people that just radiates a wholesome, sweet nature that we knew would come across beautifully on camera.  Plus, she’s completely stunning so it we knew she would be easy to photograph!

Fast forward to July.  Ali has been granted an internship in Clinical Psychology in Delaware and would be leaving her job at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham soon….for A YEAR!  Although I was so sad she would be leaving us, this is such an exciting opportunity for her!  So, we kicked our plans into high gear so that she could take some memorable images of her and her love, Kevin, and the city that has become her home, Birmingham.  We set a date and we all agreed that nothing would stand in our way.  We only had a matter of days before she was to leave and to get this done!

The beauty of this session was that Ali and Kevin were willing to let us take them wherever we wanted and pretty much take as long as we wanted!  Sooooo, that’s what we did! We didn’t set a clock and it was wonderful.  To be able to shoot, drive to another location and shoot some more then walk to another locale and take some more, you get the idea.  It was such a pressure free dream!  They were so very patient with us, especially Kevin!  It seems that every time we would say “that’s a wrap” we would think of another pose that we wanted to try and be like “oh, wait, let’s try this”!  And they were so very sweet and willing.  If Kevin was getting tired of all the posing, twirling, kissing, walking, etc., he was a pro at hiding this fact!

The 2 outfits that Ali chose were SPOT ON!  The colors, the flowy fabric, the cut, WOWZA!  Kevin looked extra sharp in his suit and even brought along a collection of various ties for us to choose from!  Yes, he let us have a say in what we thought would work best!  When we say this couple was the ideal client, we are understating it!  All his choices were perfect!

This session was like a montage from a movie where the couple in love goes gallivanting around town.  We had bystanders commenting on how beautiful they looked and watching us like they were celebrities!  After 2 solid hours we finally had to wrap it up for real.  We feel like this was the perfect way for Ali to spend one of her last days in Birmingham (for a while) and we sincerely feel that both she and Kevin felt the same.

The sun was setting and giving up it’s light.  But not before we were able to get our last few shots on a bridge overlooking the Magic City.  And on this evening the city was particular Magic, just for Kevin and Ali.

As you’ll see below our initial gut feeling of knowing that Ali would come across beautifully on camera was correct.  These 2 together made this shoot one of our most successful, both personally and professionally!

Ali, I wish you the very best in Delaware!  I sure am going to miss our daily rants!  They are so lucky to be getting you!  Kevin, thank you so much for being such a great sport!  We hope that these images will somehow get you through the upcoming year!  We are extremely grateful for the opportunity that you both have given us!