A Beautiful Engagement Session at Alabama’s Oak Mountain State Park

Back on April 25th, Lauren and Justin were supposed to exchange vows and begin their life together as Mr. & Mrs. Reeder.  Unfortunately, like so very many other couples, their plans were sidetracked.  And, like so very many others, they did’t let this deter them from continuing their plans for their happily ever after.  They knew that they were meant to be together, forever, and nothing, not even a pandemic, would keep them from their plans.  They’ve been waiting since October, 2019 for this day and waiting just a couple of more months, wasn’t going to stop them from celebrating their dream with their family and friends!

In 13 days, these two will finally get to say “I DO”!  At 5pm on that Saturday, June 27th, they will begin together forever and face whatever the world throws out at them.  Up to this particular day, they have shared their lives as two individuals and faced many life events together.  They’ve learned each other.  They’ve supported each other.  They’ve been there for each other.  They’ve cheered each other on in their successes and dried each others tears when they fell.  Now, they will be  taking everything to the next level!

We are honored at the opportunity to be their to celebrate with them!  Lauren and Justin, it’s finally here!  These images from your engagement session back in the fall truly show the love you two share!  The look on your faces, the smiles that show through your eyes and the laughs that just kept coming!  We cannot wait to see you guys again and spend the entire day capturing every moment for you to look back on for the rest of your life and remember every emotion connected with it!

We’ll see you guys at (the) Creekside!

~ Katie & Cindy