A Fairy Tale Engagement Session in Birmingham, Alabama

We’ve known Chaney since before she was born.  Ok, you can’t really know someone BEFORE they’re born, but we have been good friends and neighbors with her family for around 25 years.  So, technically, we have known her since before she was born.  We’ve watched her go through tough times as a young girl struggling with scoliosis to come through stronger than ever!  We’ve watched her through elementary school, middle school, high school and all the milestones that those years entail.  We captured her senior pictures, prom night, graduation and more.  We’re pretty sure that the smile you see on Chaney’s face is there 24/7!  She’s quiet, but not shy.  She’s smart, beautiful, strong willed and knows what she wants.

So, when she began dating Drae, we watched from a distance.  We watched their relationship unfold and develop.  We saw it coming, but we didn’t know Drae yet.  When Chaney and her mom, Catherine, asked us if we would be their wedding photographers, we were beyond honored and excited.  In reality, it just seemed natural.

We met Drae for the first time at the engagement session.  The session was set at a friends home that is truly a fairy tale cottage (we use the word cottage lightly because it was more of a magical mansion), set in a fairy tale forest and Chaney was every bit the princess and we found Drae to be every bit the prince!!!  He was respectful, polite, such a gentleman and not to mention a SHARP dresser!  It warmed our hearts watching the way he looked at Chaney.  In the 2 short hours that we got to spend with them, we knew immediately that these two were obviously meant to be together!  Neither of them talk very much, but they don’t need to.  The chemistry between them says it all.

Chaney and Drae, we couldn’t be any happier for you!  We are truly honored to be the ones that get the opportunity to capture this chapter in your lives.  We are counting down the days until you say I Do at the Highlands Chapel in December!

Love, Katie & Cindy