Family Time in a Pandemic

Like so many others out there, we had a beach trip planned before Covid rained down upon us and turned our lives upside down.  Our family has always been so close but with so many things going on in our own separate lives, we don’t get to spend quite as much time together as we once did.  So, this was meant to be our family trip and we were so excited about it!  And then 2020 hit….with a vengeance.  The year of disappointments, stress, anxiety and so many more emotions.

Luckily for us though, after a lot of back and forth, we managed to still make this trip happen.  It looked a little different though.  We brought all of our own food (our mini-van may have looked like Publix just exploded in it) and went from beach to condo and from condo to beach.  We enjoyed game nights every night and spent the days sippin on margaritas and feeling that open sea breeze.  It. Was. Amazing.  We loved every minute of watching our little ones run around with sand in their toes and chasing those waves and seashells.

It might not have been quite what it was originally planned to be, but it turned out to be even better than we could’ve imagined!!  It was family time at its very best.


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