A Special Edition Engagement Session in Montgomery, Alabama

This particular engagement session story has a little more to it than our typical session.  Devon contacted us back in October, 2019.  We did the usual exchanging of emails and information and sales pitches, lol, until we finally set a time and place to meet up and present our work and services to Devon.  You know when you have one of those meetings and you leave feeling like it went REALLY well?  Yep, that’s how we felt and we could only hope that Devon felt the same way.  Which she must’ve felt pretty good, because not long afterwards, she became a K&C Bride-to-Be!  After the holidays, it was time to schedule hers and Daniels engagement session.  We hadn’t met Daniel yet and couldn’t wait to.  Between our calendar and Devon’s crazy busy schedule (CVOR Nurse at UAB, busy) we went back and forth before we threw out the idea of trying to schedule a day during the cherry blossom trees blooming at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.    Turned out that during the weeks that the trees would be most likely in bloom wouldn’t work because Daniel was interning at the Department of Justice in Washington, DC!  When we read this email, we thought that it was surely too good to be true!  WE were going to Washington, DC!  Devon was going to visit Daniel in DC at the same time we were going to be there!  DURING THE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL!  She had already bought her plane ticket and we already had our AirBnb booked!  We had looked into finding models for what was going to be a styled shoot that we were going to do there, and then Devon and Daniel showed up and we wouldn’t have to do a styled shoot!  It could be the real deal!  So the next several weeks, we three planned and plotted and bought dresses and skirts, looked at shoes, and talked about hairstyles and researched HAMU in DC!  It was truly a dream coming true!  We cannot adequately describe how excited we were.

On March 18, 2020, we were strongly advised by a close contact in DC to cancel our trip.  We were scheduled to leave on March 25.  Devon had to cancel her flight.  On the 19th, Daniel ended up having to drive all the way back to Alabama.  The internship had ended due to the spreading of COVID-19.  The next few months, as everyone knows and everyone experienced, were very confusing and at times dark.  It was like everything came to a screeching halt.  It was like all the lights had been turned off and the theater was empty.  We contacted all of our brides-to-be, checking on them and rescheduling.

When activity around us seemed to try to come back to some sort of life, we decided to try again and set up Devon and Daniels session.  We had thought about going to Montgomery and shooting around the capital building.  It wasn’t Washington, DC and there weren’t any cherry blossoms left,  but we thought it was the next best thing.  It was now late April.  Openings were delayed again and we couldn’t go.  May rolled around and things were still slow to start back.  Among other things, May wasn’t very good to us.

So, June finally rolls in and looking slightly better.  We pick a mutually available date and cross our fingers and say our prayers!   At this point we had also chosen to meet up at Jackson Lake Island in Millford, Alabama (just on the way to Montgomery) to do some fun, casual shots before we head to Montgomery for the formal part of the session.  The weather was looking perfect.  It wasn’t too terribly hot and the big white fluffy clouds were a welcomed sight!

Without going on any further and describing how incredibly perfect Devon and Daniel were and how perfect the weather was and how absolutely stunning Devon looked and how sharp Daniel looked, we’ll let the images below tell the rest of this story.  It wasn’t DC.  There were no cherry blossoms.  But there was a beautiful young couple, in love, planning their forever together, and we are the lucky ones that get to document the next chapter in their life!  We truly had the best day ever!  THIS is what it was all about to begin with!

Devon and Daniel, we cannot thank you enough for your patience, your enthusiasm and your trust.  Daniel, we cannot EVEN thank you enough for spending 4 hours posing, kissing, nuzzling, walking, lifting and putting your hands in your pockets!  We are sure this day was a bit longer that you had in mind, lol.  3 girls, a couple of cameras and some gorgeous outfits and well………….we hope that when you look at these images, you remember that you really did have a good time!

We will see you guys in October!

Love, Katie & Cindy

HAMU:  Gypset Beauty Co  |   Locations:  Jackson Lake Island, The Alabama State Capitol Building, Montgomery’s Riverfront Walk  |  Devon’s Dresses:   Morning Lavender  &  ASOS