A Downtown Birmingham Alabama Summer Engagement Session

Like so many couples that began their wedding planning in 2019 or at the start of 2020, Savannah and Joe had to make some changes along the way.  Although their wedding isn’t until November, and everything related to the actual wedding is still on schedule, planning the engagement session proved to be a bit tricky.  We began talking locations and dates back in February and decided that a spring day in April would be lovely.  But, as everyone knows, March happened.  So, we recalculated and set a tentative day for the beginning of May.  Then the engagement session planning went from the beginning of May to the end of May with the possibility of June.  Even their first choice of locations for the session had to be changed due to closings.  When we FINALLY decided that an outdoor engagement session would be safe at the end of May, we set the date and time and went for it!  When we saw Savannah and Joe (and their fur baby, Charlie!) walking across RR Park towards us, we knew them immediately.  Although we had yet to meet them in person, we knew them!  We had been talking via email for nearly 6 months!  6 months, y’all!!!!  And of course we keep up with our couples on Facebook and Instagram.  So meeting them in person was like we had known them all this time!

We felt that immediate, comfortable rapport.  Talking with them came perfectly natural and we thoroughly enjoyed the day with them walking through RR Park and then over at the Robert S. Vance Federal Building (one of our very favorite engagement session spots).

And then there is Charlie!  We weren’t going to leave him out!  We know that Savannah and Joe are the stars of this show, but, come on….CHARLIE!  We absolutely LOVE it when a couple include their fur babies in their engagement session! They add so very much.  Not to mention that they are part of the family that will begin on the wedding day.  The union between the bride and groom aren’t  just about them when a fur baby is involved.  So, of course, they need to be included in the session!  And, let’s face it, Charlie nearly stole the show!  Just look at his adorableness (that’s a word, right?)!  He seemed quite proud of himself, as he should.

Thank you, Savannah, Joe & Charlie, for your patience, your positive attitude and your flexibility in scheduling and locations!  We truly loved spending the day with all of you (including the awesome Charlie wranglers, Jake & Rae’!) and are counting down the days until November, when we can celebrate Mr. & Mrs. Hudson!

~ Katie & Cindy