Justin & Lauren say I Do at a Creekside at Colliers End Wedding

When we write a blog, we write it in hopes that the reader will know a little bit about the couple that is in the images that we display.  Making their story come to life and therefore, enhancing the photos.  We, of course, always hope that other people will read the blog and enjoy our work.  This blog is a little different.  This blog is meant especially for Lauren and Justin.

When they first reached out to us, and after learning a little bit about them, we felt compelled, more so than usual, to try and win them over.  Us being a mom and daughter team, we felt drawn to Lauren.  Lauren had had a tough, challenging year (2019) and we wanted to play a part in her dream of marrying her soul mate.  We wanted to help 2020 be the happiest year they’ve ever experienced.  When they told us that they did want us to be their wedding photographers, we felt sincerely honored.

Even when 2020 rolled in with a shock that affected the entire world, our goal of making this their year remained.  Lauren and Justin did have a setback and had to reschedule their big day, but they kept their hopes up and their focus on their dream.  When the day arrived, it was hot, humid, and a little rainy.  Lauren had the usual bride-to-be nerves on top of a little heaviness in her heart.  Justin was truly a knight in shining armor.  Although he too was experiencing some nerve issues, he was clearly there for her and only her.  The first look was one that we will NEVER forget.  They each had written letters to the other and read them aloud, while turned away from each other.  After the letters were read, they turned to face each other.  It was the most beautiful moment we’ve ever had the honor of witnessing.  We all went from crying to laughing to almost playing like kids in the 15 or so minutes that this took place.  Lauren’t first look with her dad also had us filled with emotion, because we knew what it meant to both.

Earlier in the day, when we had done the detail shots, Lauren had this beautiful crystal butterfly in her box for us to include.  We aren’t 100% sure, but we believe it was a gift from Justin.  We knew it was beautiful and it added so much to our shots.  What we didn’t know at first, was the true significance of it.  Also, in the box was a framed print of Lauren’s beautiful mom.  We were expecting this.  This is one of the reasons that we wanted to be there for and with Lauren.

A little later, when we started to work with the bridesmaids, we noticed a butterfly pin that one of the girls had in her hair.  Again, sweet, but didn’t really know, yet, what this signified.  When we were doing up close shots of Lauren’s bouquet, we noticed yet another butterfly placed amongst the beautiful florals.  It wasn’t until we had Lauren alone for her bridal portraits, and a butterfly, a real one, flitted around Lauren before it flew away.  It had caught Lauren off guard.  She had to take a moment.  Then, it hit us.

Lauren, we saw the butterfly, too.  We too, knew at that very moment, what that meant.  We couldn’t share it with you then, because we were afraid that if we didn’t continue on, we would all break down.  Of everything that happened that day, of how absolutely stunning you were, the way that Justin looks at you like you are the very center of his universe, of the 200 plus friends and family that love you both dearly and came to celebrate with you, the one and only butterfly in that garden, on this day, is what we will remember most.  Your butterfly was there.  She saw how happy you were.  She saw how gorgeous you were in the gown that you and your dad picked out.  She was there, just for you.

Thank you, Lauren and Justin, for allowing us to witness your day.  Thank you for trusting us to document every moment of it for you both to look back on forever and to share with your children.  Thank you both for being the sweet, hilarious, sensitive, couple that you are.  Thank you most for giving us the honor of being there that day.  We’re pretty sure that you did more for us than we did for you.  We will be forever grateful for the day that you reached out to us.


Love, Katie & Cindy

Vendor Team:

Photography:  Katie & Cindy Photography  |  Venue:  Creekside at Colliers End  |  Videography:  Joseph Isom and David E. Montgomery with Lumpstick Productions  |  Bridal Gown:  The Something Blue Shoppe  |  Florals:  Kristen Bentley with Simpson’s Florist  |  DJ/Entertainment:  Metropolitan Disc Jockey  |  Cake:  Batter Up Cake Bakery  |  Catering:  Mason Dixon  |  Bridesmaids Dresses:  JJ’s House  |  Groom and Groomsmen Attire:  Jos. A. Bank  |  HAMU Artists:  Makeup by CJ McDonald & Hair by Haley Burdette