A Summer Engagement Session in Millbrook, Alabama

We met up with Charlie and Rachel on a hot summer day at Jackson Lake Island in Millbrook, Alabama.  We had suggested the island because we had seen images from this quaint little island and had been wanting to shoot there for some time.  It seemed fitting since Charlie and Rachel preferred a natural setting for their engagement session.  Little did we know at the time that Charlie grew up in Millbrook and still lives there!  They visited the island the week before just to see what it offered and fell in love with it!  So, obviously, it was meant to be!

When we crossed the causeway to the island, it was like stepping back in time to a small southern town.  There are giant hardwoods, draped with Spanish moss.  Tall, bare tree trunks coming out of the lake.  Large fields with soft, green grass where tribes of miniature goats were lazily grazing.  Then, in the middle of the island,  there is “the town”.  The cutest little town setting left behind from the movie set of Big Fish, that was filmed here back in the 90’s.  It’s little white chapel and the old houses with tin roofs and the dirt road that runs straight through it could not have been any more perfect for the backdrop of Charlie and Rachel’s session!  And thank goodness, none of us are afraid of goats, because when they joined us in the little town, hoping for snacks, they were very persistent!!

In keeping with the theme of the small, southern town on a summer day, the temperature was high and the humidity was higher!  But, you would never know it by looking at this beautiful couple!  They breezed through this session with such ease and grace.  Their sense of humor and obvious love for each other, made this session as easy as it gets!  We had so much fun exploring the different areas of the island with them and getting to know them.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to do this for and with them!  We could not be any happier for them that they found each other and will spend their forever together!  There’s nothing better than spending a beautiful day with good people.  And Charlie and Rachel are good people!

Congratulations, Charlie and Rachel!  Maybe next year, we can meet up for an anniversary shoot!!

Katie & Cindy