A Timeless Engagement Session in Birmingham, Alabama

We like to arrive very early to a session location so that we can check out specific areas and map out our evening.  There are many factors that play into a session.  Weather, cloud and/or sun coverage, the time of year, making sure the particular spot that we have in mind is still as was the last time we visited.  We have to admit that on this particular day, we were feeling a bit out of sorts.  We didn’t feel on our game.  The first location that we had in mind, had changed.  It had been partially mowed and the sun had moved further west than we had expected.  We rode around some more, looking for alternatives.  Kelly and Andrew texted us to let us know that they were running a little late.  This was the first event of the day that was in our favor.  It bought us a little more time.  We found another spot, but it was too bright, so we just hoped that by the time we made it to that spot, the sun will have lowered enough and we would have some good shade.  We decided to go with our first choice first and move on to the sun drenched field next and ending on the golf course.  We’re going to be honest, it just didn’t feel right, but we were out of time.

We met up with Kelly and Andrew and had them follow us to the first location.  They stepped out of their car and EVERYTHING changed!  Kelly looked like she had just stepped out of a 1940something classic movie, complete with Burgundy fedora (a gift from Andrew, of course) and beautiful, bold lipstick!  With Andrew by her side, they were the perfect couple.  The field that had been mowed, the sun, that minutes earlier, was not in a great spot, suddenly looked like the foothills of a Colorado mountainside.  These kids were as natural and easy going as they come!  The second location, with the sun drenched field, was exactly what we wanted by the time we made it there.  A little rain came down while the sun was shining as we began shooting.  Just the perfect little summer shower.  Not enough to run and take cover, and just enough to bring a little something extra to a few images.  Throw in a classic bike, a little white umbrella, the perfect little bunch of Gerbera Daisies, (that they had brought, of course) and MAGIC!  The grand finale’ at the golf course and our day had gone from meh, to magical!

At every session, we give it our all to ensure that our couples have the very best, most memorable experience.  Even if, when we arrive, we’re not feeling on top of things.  We get caught up in the fun, the romance, the excitement, the camaraderie.  But, we are giving Kelly and Andrew ALL the credit for this day!  They made US feel good.  They made OUR experience memorable.  They literally made our day!  When we left there, we were on cloud nine!  And we felt like they were too!  Bonus!  When we finished these images, we were speechless.  They were everything we had visioned when we planned this session and so much more.  Enjoy!

Thank you so much, Kelly and Andrew!  We cannot wait to see you guys again, in the real mountains, in November!  You guys are the best! 

Love, Katie & Cindy