A Tuscaloosa, Alabama Engagement Session

Engagement sessions at a location that has special memories for the couple are the best! College campuses are beautiful!  So when Mattie & Alec requested their (2nd) session to be in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we were ecstatic!  The University of Alabama campus is spectacular and so full of photographic opportunities.   

It’s been a little while since Mattie & Alec left Tuscaloosa to pursue careers and further education but Tuscaloosa was home to both for several years.  Mattie grew up near Tuscaloosa and has special ties to The University.  Both of Mattie’s parents are alum, so it was only natural for Mattie to attend.  Alec, who is from Birmingham, Alabama, chose UA to begin his education before moving on to UAB to finish up.  We are sure that their being in Tuscaloosa at the same time was fate. 

During their time in Tuscaloosa Mattie & Alec were able to get to know each other during a time when they both were learning their new independence.  Graduating high school and moving from home is a huge milestone in life.  They were finding their own way while at the same time finding each other.  Long story short, they fell in love and the rest is history! 

On this particular Sunday we had the chance to revisit Tuscaloosa with them and it was perfect!  The skies were clear, the air was fresh and the campus was quiet (which is very rare these days!).  Mattie’s mom, Linda, came along and let’s just say that we are so thankful that she did!  Not only did we love to spend time and get to know her but she helped more than she probably knows!  She saved us so much time by taking care of Mattie & Alec’s 2nd change of clothes, she chauffeured us around so that we didn’t waste sunlight AND she introduced us to new and amazing spots for photo opps!  We love being able to shoot in locations that we’ve never visited before!  She gave us a mini tour of historical Northport, Alabama and brought us to the Northport railroad trestle bridge (Roll Tide) and Capital Park where we roamed around the ruins of the original capital.  We sincerely hope to go back and check out some of the other locations that she told us about!  She was THE BEST tour guide and historian!  Thank you, Linda Bonds!  We can only hope that yours, Mattie & Alec’s experience was as wonderful as ours!  We look forward to seeing you again in March! 

Getting to do one engagement session with a couple is a very important part of the wedding planning process!  We have the chance to really get to know each other so that when the wedding day rolls around the couple knows what to expect from us and vice versa.  We truly become friends and feel comfortable around each other.  But getting to do two sessions!!!  When we meet again on Mattie & Alec’s wedding day it will be like we’re meeting up again with family!  We genuinely feel privileged to be a part of their day!  Thank you, Mattie & Alec, for choosing us and trusting us to photograph the next chapter in your lives!!  We can’t wait to see you in March and meet the rest of the family! 

Katie & Cindy