Elizabeth & Taylor, Pre-Pre Engagement Session Part I

When you have a daughter that doesn’t mind letting us use her for photography practice and she happens to be dating an awesome guy that kinda loves letting us use him for photography practice, we use them, to the fullest!  These two have been so very accommodating and helpful to us!  We were in high gear, shooting every time we had the chance.  Our goal for 2017 was to learn all that we could and get as much experience that we could so that we could fulfill our dream to become top notch, full-time wedding photographers.   

We would study classes from the best professional photographers and immediately upon finishing a class we would give Elizabeth & Taylor our plans for our next “session” with them.  They would let us pick their outfits and locations.  These two are so photogenic, their chemistry together is so evident and the camera loves them!   

Elizabeth & Taylor had been dating less than a year (actually only 6 months) when we set up their first session.  They were both pretty excited and needless to say, we were ecstatic!  They both picked perfect colors for their clothing choices for that light and airy look that we love.  We took them to one of our favorite locations to shoot, Railroad Park, downtown Birmingham.  It was a beautiful, warm April day in the The Magic City.  They let us pose them, walk them all over the place, and just in general do whatever we asked of them.  We sincerely hope they know just how much we appreciated this and how very helpful it was to us! 

After several more months of Katie and I practicing on becoming full-time wedding photographers and while continuing our business of newborn, senior and family sessions, we were also continuing our education in the wedding photography realm.  SO many hours of online courses, mentoring with other professionals and learning new equipment!!  So, naturally, we approached Elizabeth & Taylor again.  We were ready to try some new poses and even how to interact with clients.  They were game!  So, we dressed them up again one Saturday but this time we were just going to stay close to home….literally, across the street.  We tried some new poses that we learned, tried different angles and new techniques.  And they, again, knocked it outta the park all the while boosting our confidence and experience.   

It was so funny when we would post some of their pix on social media because naturally people would think that they were engagement pictures!  And at this point in their relationship, there was no talk of engagement.  After all, they’d only been dating about a year! 


Thank you so much Elizabeth & Taylor for being our guinea pigs!  Y’all are the BEST!  And we love you!!