Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Skyline Engagement Session

Rachel & Jacob

No two people were made for each other more than Rachel and Jacob.  These two may be at the opposite end of the height spectrum, but that is where their differences end.  Their personalities, so full of love for life and their love for God, shine through their very souls.  They met when set up on a blind date and the rest is history.  It didn’t take them long to realize that God had made them for each other.

The day that we met Rachel and Jacob at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, it was a little chilly but we did have the sun.  A sun that Birmingham hadn’t seen in weeks!  So, it seems that half of Birmingham decided that the gardens was the place to be.  But, to Rachel and Jacob, they were the only two there.  We didn’t have to prompt them at all!  The way that they looked at one another all day just made the temperature outside feel much warmer than it actually was.

When we ventured over to downtown Birmingham for sunset photos overlooking the city, the wind had picked up (in our favor…just look at Rachel’s dress and hair!) and the temp had dropped even more.  But, Rachel and Jacob were such troopers!  Both of them are from much further south than Birmingham and by the time we had wrapped up their session, they both were determined to come back to Birmingham to spend the day and see even more sights.  We were happy to share some of our favorite hot spots for them to add to their itinerary.

Thank you, Rachel and Jacob, for allowing us to hang out with you on your first tiny tour of Birmingham!  It was a joy to meet you guys and we cannot wait to witness and document your Happily Ever After with your many friends, family, and God!

-Katie & Cindy