A Cold & Rainy Day Engagement Session in Birmingham, Alabama

We already had to postpone Emily & Justin’s engagement session once due to the weather.  So when the second date we planned on called for cold temps and pouring rain, Emily & Justin agreed to do the session anyway!  And to be honest, we were happy for it!  We love umbrella shots and we knew we could stay out of the wintery weather for the most part by hanging out in the beautiful greenhouse at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  We also hoped that by the second half of their session we could pop on down to the city and get a few shots at one of our favorite spots (and a locale that Emily was really hoping for), the rooftop overlooking downtown Birmingham by the Redmond Hotel.
We have to say that these two are the best!  They were so easy to work with!  We got so many beautiful shots in the greenhouse!  We stayed warm and dry.  The rain was on and off, and it did remain around 41 degrees outside but they were willing to withstand the elements and stand outside under the umbrella to get some adorable shots!  We then decided that with the rain, being fairly light at the time, we would go ahead and give the rooftop a shot.
We arrived and, unfortunately, it was raining pretty steadily but Emily & Justin were such troopers and they were willing to give it a go.  We assured them that we would be quick.  When Emily & Justin stepped out of the car dressed like models out of a magazine we knew this was going to work out!!  On a side note, Emily’s dress was NOT made for a 41 degree rain!  However, it was made for wind that blew in our favor that day!  Wind can assist in making a beautiful shot even more stunning!  The movement of her dress and hair was magical!  
We stuck to our word and moved through this part of the engagement session as quickly as possible and Emily and Justin made it so easy!  In such a short time we were able to capture this couple in some amazing images!!!  We sincerely hope that they think that it was all worth it!  And on a happy note, nobody got sick afterwards!
Thank you so very much Emily & Justin for being so willing to go the extra mile to make this an epic engagement session!  Thank you, too, for allowing us to be such a big part of your journey on your way to your happily ever after!  We can’t wait for your summer engagement session when the weather will be warm and dry!  And then the grand finale in August!
Katie & Cindy
  1. Patty Street says:

    What an excellent job! You managed to capture the essence of their live for each other!