Preserving Memories from Lens to Canvas

You spend months planning your wedding day. Months of trying to find just the right dress, just the right caterer that will provide a memorable dining experience for your guests, a venue that will set the stage for the most significant day in your life. You choose a color scheme and pick the attire that your bride tribe will wear to bring your vision together. You research and meet with photographers to find the one that will capture every moment, in the style that you’re envisioning, so that you and generations to come, can relive your day forever. Then there are the florals! The bouquet that will be your most important accessory (next to your wedding ring) and that will complete the look that you are reaching for. You research, scan through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of images on Pinterest, consult with your florist, to design your perfect bouquet. Then, when your day is done and all the guests have gone home and all the decor has been taken down, you have this gorgeous, designed just for you, bouquet. Perhaps it’s already started to wilt a little from being passed around and admired by all. What now? You hate the thought of just letting it go! You may have plans to try and preserve it by drying or pressing it. But it will never look the way it did as you carried it down the aisle to your happily ever after! Here’s where we step in! From the MANY images that we will provide of your bouquet, Amy R. Peterson can take and transform your photos into an original oil painting that will last a lifetime!

We have been involved in many special projects in our 4 years in this business, but we have to say that the collaboration between ourselves, local Alabama artist Amy R. Peterson and Amy’s representative, the Beverly McNeil Gallery, has to be one of our favorites! This union allows us to offer a premier package (The Elegant) that includes not only full wedding day coverage, a linen covered, lay flat wedding album, an engagement AND bridal session, but a one of a kind oil painting of the bride’s bouquet! What better way to preserve your bridal bouquet and create a family heirloom!?

Meet Amy

Amy is a work-from-home-mother of three young children and proud wife of her firefighter, high school-sweetheart husband. Antiques, coffee, Christmas music, English gardens, road trips, and sunrises: these are a few of her favorite things! Painting on location outdoors or in her home studio, Amy paints from life and from personal experience. Daily inspirations await right outside her front door, in neighbors’ gardens and porches, to city scenes of Birmingham, and winding waterways and paths through

the countryside. Amy had formal, academic training in the arts at the University of Notre Dame, followed by years as a gallery director of a fine arts and portraiture business. She now is an award-winning artist, teaches art classes in Birmingham, where she’s actively involved in the local arts community, as well as regional and national art exhibitions. In Amy’s paintings, expressive brush strokes combine with inviting compositions. She aims to capture the immediacy of a moment in time, portrayed in a classic, timeless way. This passion for classic, timeless beauty guides every painting Amy creates. As Amy will tell you, a painting of the bridal bouquet as a “floral painting” is the quintessential piece of art: it’s deeply personal and at the same time universally symbolic; it’s a depiction of Nature’s beauty creatively arranged by human hands; it forever represents the wedding day and the marriage, and artistically speaking, it’s as timeless as the still life genre itself, making it a classic addition to a couple’s art collection and their home. It is a work of art that will become a treasured family heirloom, enriched with more meaning over time. Amy appreciates the unique aspects of each bouquet, and is inspired to paint them by the way they are lovingly depicted through Katie & Cindy’s photography. Amy shares a lot in common with Cindy and Katie, including a love of art, literature, the outdoors, travel, and family (in fact, they are family! Cindy and Amy are sisters!). Their photography-to-painting collaboration, along with the bride’s vision for the artwork, is a memorable experience one can treasure through a bridal bouquet painting, for a lifetime.

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The Beverly McNeil Gallery is located in Birmingham, Alabama in the Historic section of Lakeview. Beverly brings over 30 years of art experience to her business and represents over 40 specially selected artists. For more about the Beverly McNeil Gallery go to .

*If you are a former Katie & Cindy bride and are interested in an original oil painting of your bouquet, contact us! It’s never too late!