Something’s Cooking! A Pregnancy Announcement Lifestyle Session

Let’s be honest, ALL of our sessions and ALL of our clients are special to us!  Seriously!  We’re not just saying this.  They all become a part of us.  We spend 2 hours and up to all day with these couples and families and we learn so much about each other and well, we become like family.

When Madison contacted us to see if we could do a secret pregnancy announcement lifestyle shoot we got all googly eyed!  First off, of all the photographers out there, they chose US.  That’s always our first thought when someone contacts us.  Secondly, Madison& Nate trusted US to keep the biggest secret in their life!  Third, they wanted US to document one of the most intimate and special times in their lives!  So OF COURSE WE SAID YES!

Madison & Nate made our job so easy!  Madisonis super organized and knew exactly what she wanted!  And if Nate looks familiar to you it’s because he’s the world famous CBS 42 Meteorologist right here in Birmingham.  We discussed the “theme” that they wanted and the setting would of course be in the kitchen.  She did something that we absolutely love and appreciate….she sent us images from Pinterest that portrayed her vision.  She and Nate then planned on actually cooking during the session.  We knew we were in for a fun and unique experience.

When we arrived at their adorable, cozy home in Hoover, Alabama and met them face to face for the first time, we knew that this was going to be one of our best lifestyle sessions.  You know that feeling when you walk into someone’s home and you are greeted immediately with warmth and friendliness?  Even the dog, sweet little Bruno, seemed happy to see us!  Then we just fell right into rhythm with each other.  We all chatted as if we were there to just hang out for the afternoon.  And that’s exactly how the whole session felt!  Because that is exactly what a lifestyle session is….just four friends hanging out and two of them happen to have cameras to capture the day, lol.  Madison& Nate had taken care of everything!  The kitchen was set up with all the ingredients for the peach cobbler (YUMMY) already pre-measured out in little bowls, fresh peaches already peeled and sliced, fresh flowers here and there, aprons, coffee mugs…EVERYTHING!  Then there was the adorably creative letter board that reminded us of the main reason we were there…. to capture some sweet moments of the young couple that would soon be making the big announcement to the world that they would soon be adding the titles Mom & Dad to their resume’!!!!  I mean how special did we feel to be 2 of only about 4 others that knew??  We were right up there with their parents!!!

We went over some of our ideas for shots and came up with a starting point (which was super easy) and, well, we started to cook, both figuratively and literally!  They were ON FIRE (figuratively, NOT LITERALLY)!  Some might think that in the kitchen, cooking while trying to look all lovey dovey would be awkward.  Well, we have proof that it was anything but awkward!  Madison& Nate killed it!  Madisonloves to cook, Nate loves to learn, they both love each other, they both have the best bubbly, happy personalities, so it was all very natural and flowed like sweet cream in a peach cobbler (sorry, the food puns are gonna happen).  Bruno wasn’t sure what was going on and at times wasn’t thrilled that Madisonwas sitting on the counter or why Nate had to hug Madisonwhile she was trying to cook, but all was well when he got to taste the sweet concoction that was being put together.

At the end of our session, we had hundreds (yes, hundreds) of the most perfect images, a little pup happy things were getting back to normal and a peach cobbler that was yummy …AND kind of low cal.  But that’s a secret that we won’t be divulging in this story!

Thank you so much Madison, Nate & Bruno for entrusting us to share your secret, for inviting us into your home and life, and for choosing us to illustrate your continuing love story!!

We can’t wait to meet peaches (if she’s a girl) or cobbler (if he’s a boy).  These are just some suggested names that you’re welcome to use 🙂

Katie & Cindy