Not all September Saturdays in the South are about Football: A Downtown Birmingham Engagement Session

It’s so refreshing to find a couple of University of Alabama graduates whose lives don’t (always) revolve around a football schedule!  Don’t get us wrong!  We LOVE football season!  We LOVE to watch college football.  But, we love doing engagement sessions and weddings even more!  When Mattie & Alec wanted to schedule their engagement session on a Saturday in the midst of football season, we were all in. It wasn’t like it was the Alabama/Auburn game, lol!

Mattie & Alec chose to have their first (of two!!) engagement sessions in a downtown setting.  So, naturally, we suggested one of our favorite plans; first would be downtown Birmingham at the Robert S. Vance federal courthouse.  This building with it’s gorgeous architecture, columns and white marble makes for THE perfect backdrop for a light and airy session, especially when the bride-to-be wears a perfectly flowy, blush pink dress and strappy heels!!  Add to that a groom-to-be in a perfectly tailored suit, floral tie and the most fun of fun socks!  Mattie & Alec were dressed to the nines!  Now, just because we were downtown while the football game was forging on without us didn’t mean we didn’t keep up.  Alec and his handy smart watch kept us updated throughout the day.  We had the best of both worlds!  We had the chance to hang with the cool kids AND keep up with the game.  These two absolutely nailed the session!  They were like pros!  We had to do very little coaching. All we had to do was direct a smidge and they took it from there.  Mattie’s ballet skills were very evident.  She was so graceful and on point (pun intended).

We could have stayed all afternoon at the courthouse, but we knew we had to move on while the light was on our side.  From the courthouse we moved on over to the beautiful Railroad Park.  Railroad Park affords us to get a mix of urban with a little country feel with the lovely tall grasses, the ponds and some summer flowers still in bloom.  Mattie & Alec chose to change into a little more casual look for this part of the session and again, their choices of outfits were perfect.  The little goldenrod yellow dress that Mattie chose worked perfect to add a touch of fall to the scene while Alec paired perfectly in his jeans and button-up.  His short sleeves allowed us a peek at some awesome tattoos that actually added so much to the images (see below)!  We really do get such a great opportunity to learn so much about our couples in just 2 hours!!

After we strolled around Railroad Park for a while and captured some AMAZING shots, the sun began to set, so we moved on to the grand finale’, the Magic City Rotary Trail sign!  You just can’t beat the classic and romantic “boy picks up girl” in front of the Rotary Trail sign!  Sometimes it takes the guy a couple of tries to get this pose just right.  But, Alec got it first go round and it was perfect!

These two are sincere, funny, sweet and such a genuine couple!  We enjoyed our Saturday afternoon so much!  Who needs football when you can spend a beautiful September afternoon with people like this??  After all, we can always watch the replay 🙂 And the best part is, there will be a part 2 to this engagement session!!  We get to do ANOTHER session with these kids in November in T-town!!!  WE CAN’T WAIT!  We may have to trade the blush pink in for some houndstooth???

Thank you so much, Mattie & Alec, for hanging out with us!  We can’t wait for November AND March!!!!!


Katie & Cindy

  1. Ellen Hunter says:

    Absolutely beautiful!