The Perfect Storm: A Rainy Day Wedding in Trussville, Alabama

There are weddings and then there are WEDDINGS! There are couples and then there are SOUL MATES. On this stormy day in Trussville, Alabama, we witnessed the latter on both. The sweetest, most honest, heartfelt ceremony and celebration of love and family that we have ever been a part of.

Everything just seemed to fall into place on this day, despite the storm, and sometimes tornado, warnings.  As soon as we arrived, we were on a mission to get all the detail shots of the AMAZING set up. The effort that went into preparing for this day was incredible!  The florals, the table settings, the pavilion, the “church walls” specifically made for this day, all the vintage furniture pieces set about for the comfort of their guests, everything was absolutely perfect!  The bouquet y’all! It had everything you’ve ever loved in an arrangement! The florals, the greenery, the silk ribbons!! All put together by Katie’s mom, Cindia….on. the. day. of. the. wedding! Can you say #supermom?! It was gorgeous!  Everything was breathtaking! The stunning hanging greenery “chandeliers” were made by none other than Katie’s soon to be brother in law, Joshua Cox (award winning landscape artist of Cox Triple Care out of Trussville, Alabama). And when details like this are made by family, they’re that much more beautiful!

Then there was the first look.  It was one for the books!  Michael’s emotions caught up with him as Katie reached the pavilion.  They spent a few moments taking it all in.  Michael had a special photo book made for Katie that included so many pictures of their last 10 years together that had led up to this day.  The world around them just disappeared.  It was like watching a love story unfold before us.  You could tell that they weren’t ready for that moment in time to end.  It goes to prove that you can never underestimate the power of a photograph!

Before the rain started to fall and the thunder started to rumble, we were able to get these two sweethearts to the field for some relaxing and peaceful shots. Even the horses were enjoying the moment! The storms did eventually come, but that didn’t put a stop to all the magic that happened on this day!  Dare we say that because of the weather, we were able to get some incredible shots?  Nothing could’ve stopped these two from walking down that aisle, including James Spanns’ suspenders and a storm named Alberto. Rain can be a beautiful thing.

And then……..

He waited under the gazebo. She rode in on a carriage. The guests, all 200 of them, waited in the rain for the beautiful bride. When she got to the alter, the officiant had their closest friends and family pile in and surround the bride and groom. What a true testimony of love this ceremony was. They didn’t care about anything except the pure love that enveloped them. Words were never truer than their specialized hashtag #KatieandMichaelNeverWantedNothinMore.

After the I do’s, they danced the night away without a care in the world!  We couldn’t have asked for better people to spend our Saturday with!

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Cox and both families (all of them!) for allowing us to share in your day!!

The Team

Photography: Katie & Cindy  Dress: The Something Blue Shoppe  Bridesmaids Dresses: Southern Bridesmaids  Florist, Planner and Invitations: Katherine Cindia Designs, LLC and Joshua Cox of Cox Triple Care of Trussville, Alabama  DJ: JAMM Entertainment Services  Videographer: Andrew Turner  Cake: Gemma’s Cakes  Catering: Panoptic Catering