A Beautiful Alabama Wedding on the River

Jessi & Nick

Sometimes it’s so hard to go through a bride & groom’s gallery to pick which ones to showcase on the blog! For a couple of reasons. When we go through them, we love them ALL.  Trying to pick a few “favorites” is like attempting to pick your favorite child. They all represent not just our work or the thought that we put into each shot, but it puts us back in the moment, on this day.  And y’all, this day was just the best!   From the moment we walked in the door of the gorgeous Riverside Event Venue , to the end of the night when we had to find each new friend, in the wonderful chaos of the still partying crowd, to give hugs and say goodbye!  We were welcomed by each and every person there, not as strangers, not just as photographers there to “do our job”, but we were welcomed as guests.  Dare we say we felt a little bit like family!?  When we have such a connection with the bride and groom, the wedding party, the family, our day is a total dream!  And ladies and gentlemen, this wedding day was the whole package!  Even the fellow vendors felt like old friends!  And we had never even worked with or met them!  The florist came in and set up the most beautiful arrangements that transformed an already beautiful room (that Jessi & Nick’s family and friends designed and made a reality) into a fairytale and made sure that we knew where everything was that we would need (bouquets, boutonniere’s, florals for the cake….).  They came in and worked their magic in the blink of an eye!!  We didn’t see wands, but it’s the only explanation!  Then there was the caterer!  They set up a banquet fit for royalty!  Not only was the display perfect and DELICIOUS, they made sure we that we ate and were taken care of!  We also love that Jessi & Nick had brought in a Photo Booth!  Even us photographers like to have the fun Photo Booth keepsake!!  And Sigh Photo Booth was such a great set up!!!  The lights, the props, even the inflated Photo Booth itself was so cool!  There was , DJ Jammin Jeff, that kept the party flowing with a fantastic light show, a playlist that kept everyone on their feet all night AND he was interactive!  He engaged the crowd with fun games and the ever popular dance off!  He truly kept the party going All Night Long!

Yes, normally on our blogs, we write about the bride & groom and the beautiful day and how they met or how long they’ve been together.  Jessi & Nick are so very special!  And, yes, this day was absolutely ALL ABOUT THEM and the beginning of their sharing their lives together as husband and wife. But these two made this day about so much more!   They made this day about everyone that was there!  They made this day about those that could not be there (RIP, Chris House.  We would have loved to have met you!  You have an incredible daughter!).  They made this day, not just a wedding, but a celebration of life.  They made this day a celebration of the union of two families and all the friends that each side brought with them.  They made this day a day we will never forget.

Jessi & Nick, we sincerely hope, that when looking back at these images, you are transported back to that day and you can relive each and every minute.  We truly hope that when you are transported back to this day, you feel the overwhelming love that flowed through this gathering like the river that flowed by in the background!  We know that when we look back through them, we will remember!  Thank you both for inviting us in!  Thank you for making us feel so welcomed!  Thank you so much for this opportunity to witness such a love!


Katie & Cindy

The incredible Vendor Team:

Katie & Cindy Photography   |  Riverside Event Venue  |  Kelsey Hyche  |  Pizzelles Confections. |  333 Desins  |  Endless Catering  |  Sigh Photo Booth  |  DJ Jammin Jeff  |  Diane’s Formal Affair  |  The Black Tux  |  Mens Wearhouse


  1. Cathy Littrell (Mother of the Groom) says:

    Katie and Cindy, such beautiful pictures take me back to a wonderful celebration of love and family. It takes a village and THANK YOU for becoming part of ours!!