A Downtown Birmingham & Botanical Garden Fall Engagement Session

Emily & Blake

Emily & Blake are just the sweetest couple ever!  We felt an immediate connection with them when we met for the first time on this fall day!  For lack of a better word, it was actually a little weird!  We have always connected well with all of our couples!  But with Emily & Blake it was like we knew them!  Our conversation was easy going from the start.  There were no awkward lulls or rapid fire questions of how did you meet, how long have you been together, how did he propose, how are the wedding plans going…….  We just talked!  We just walked around the Birmingham Botanical Gardens like any group of friends would.  The only difference is that our focus was on this adorable couple and not the botanicals!

Emily tried to tell us before the session that they were nervous.  Like REALLY nervous!  They had never had professional pictures made. If they were nervous, we sure couldn’t tell!  Just look at the images!  Does this look like a couple that is nervous over having their pictures taken??  Nope, not to us either!  They were naturals!  Maybe it was our connection that made them feel at ease or maybe it could have been that Emily and Blake are so in love that all the staring into each others eyes or the occasional (many) kisses or holding each other constantly had something to do with it!  Whatever it was, there were no nerves rattled on this day!  We think that we busted any myth’s that Emily and Blake might have had about what an engagement session was like.  One of the MANY benefits of an engagement session!  Now, when we meet up again on their wedding day, it’s going to be like meeting up with great friends that we haven’t seen in a while and we’ll want  to sit down and catch up on what’s been going on!  Well, we might not get to sit down and catch up, because the next time we meet, the nerves won’t be rattling over having their picture made!  They may be rattling over  the normal wedding day jitters!

Emily and Blake, we loved hanging out with you guys!  We love the fact that we already feel so close!  But most of all, we love the fact that we get to not only capture the biggest day in your lives, but be there to celebrate it with you!

Katie & Cindy