A Scenic Wedding Overlooking Birmingham Alabama

Katie & Dan

We anticipated this day for a full year!  Katie and Dan were such a dream to photograph at their engagement session, that we just couldn’t wait to get them in front of the camera again!  Their personalities, their obvious adoration of each other and their perfect photogenic selves, are all the ingredients necessary to make for a stellar photo gallery!

The thought of photographing Katie, her beautiful face and her flawless, porcelain skin and the way that Dan looked at her, was like that of a child counting down the days to Christmas!  While we were focused on the exciting day that was to begin at the iconic Elyton Hotel and move on to the historic Vulcan Park, we hadn’t even thought much about our experience outside of the actual photographing.  We walked into the Elyton like two starry eyed teenagers in awe of it’s grandeur!  We walked around, mapping out our shots and it was a bit overwhelming because we knew that we were on a tight schedule that wouldn’t allow for us to get shots in EVERY corner of this magnificent structure!  But, we did eventually compose ourselves and got to work.  We met up with Katie, her mom, her soon to be mother-in-law and her soon to be sister-in-law.  Once we began shooting, our dream was becoming a reality when we saw, through our lenses, Katie in her dress among the marble stairs and the luxurious lobby.  From then on, the rest of the day flowed more smoothly than we could have ever anticipated!  While we were dreaming of the photography side of this day, we were seriously not even considering the fact that we were going to have one of the best times we’ve ever had!  Once we were finished at the Elyton, it was time to head on over to Vulcan Park, where we would meet up with the rest of Katie’s and Dan’s families, and the next phase of the day.  We had already fell in love with Peggy (Katie’s mom), Renee (Dan’s mom) & Emily (Dan’s sister) and now we would be introduced to the rest of these amazing families!

If you’ve ever been to Vulcan Park, you know how beautiful the surrounding grounds are and then of course the awesome view of downtown Birmingham.  The intimate ceremony took place on the patio outside of the  Electra Room.  A group of close friends and family witnessed Katie & Dan vow to their forever together against the backdrop of the sprawling city.  And then the party began!

The day had gone absolutely perfectly and we were on cloud 9!  We knew that our vision had been accomplished!  Over the course of the day, taking family formals, wedding party pictures, bridal portraits and groom portraits, we had a chance to really get to know everyone.  So by the time the reception began, we felt like part of the family!  The guest list was fairly small, therefore interaction between everyone there was easy and so enjoyable!  We were able to meet each and every one of the guests on a personal level.  We were taking pictures of them, they were taking pictures with us….it was so stress free and relaxing!  RELAXING!  We can’t say that we’ve ever used that word in any of our wedding blogs before!  Oh, and did we mention the fact that it rained on this day??  No, we didn’t.  Because it didn’t matter!  It was not a factor what-so-ever as it sometimes can be on a wedding day!  Katie and Dan are two of the most laid back people you could ever hope to meet!  There was nothing that could have presented itself that would have had them frazzled.  Therefore, the day and into the night, was perfect!

Thank you so very much, Katie & Dan…….and Peggy, Frank, Frankie, Renee, Dave and Emily!  Your wedding day was a dream!  Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!  Thank you for being so wonderful!  We hope that you enjoy your pictures for a lifetime and every time that you look back over them you will recall what a magical, perfect day it was!  We know that we certainly will!

Love, Katie & Cindy

The Vendor Team that helped the magic happen:

Photography:  Katie & Cindy Photography  |  Brides Gown:  White Satin Bridal  |  Hair Stylist:  Salon U Style  |    Desserts:  Hero Doughnuts  |  Wedding Planner:  DreamGate Events &  Debbie Navez