An Alabama Sunrise Engagement Session

Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Downtown Birmingham – Amanda & Ryan

What do you get when you have a beautiful sunrise, beautiful gardens, a Rolls Royce and a gorgeous couple? An amazing engagement session, that’s what!  Amanda & Ryan not only drove down from North Alabama to Birmingham, but they braved the chilly March weather and got up before dawn to meet us for their engagement session.  And boy, did it pay off!  We had the Birmingham Botanical Gardens completely to ourselves as we met up shortly after they opened the gates.  This sweet couple didn’t miss a beat, despite the fact that that the air was quite brisk!  The sun coming in through the blossoming cherry trees and Amanda’s perfect blush dress gently flowing in the breeze kept our minds off of the temperature and on the way that these two looked at each other!

As the sun rose higher in the beautiful blue Alabama sky, and Amanda & Ryan made a quick change of outfits, we made the short trip to one of our favorite locations in downtown B’ham, the Federal Courthouse!  And this location was absolutely made for the PERFECT ivory white ​19 Rolls Royce that Amanda & Ryan had arranged to meet with us!!  This was the perfect way to wrap up our sunrise session!  A stunning couple, a luxurious car and the beautiful marble architecture of the courthouse!

Thank you, Amanda & Ryan, for allowing us to not only document this milestone in your lives, but going out of your way to make it the very best in every way!  We will be counting down the days with you until your wedding day!!